About Helmar Rudolph

Nationality: German
Current Residence:  Cape Town, South Africa
Age: gave up counting
Zodiac: Libra & Fire Horse
Destiny Cards: Five of Diamonds
Phone: RSA: +27-84-860-1407/ DE: +49-160-105-6002

Slogan: “The Universe is infinitely just, generous and patient beyond measure. Be grateful!”

Raison d’être: First I thought capitalism was the holy grail: making lots of money, getting rich, spending like there’s no tomorrow. Got bored with it, because everybody else is following that path – hardly ever with positive results.

Then I thought relationship marketing was the holy grail: looking after customers’ interests, only to see them abused and mistreated for the sake of making even more money.

Then I thought the Internet was the holy grail, but there too I found out that the same old forces that ruled the old economy were at work in the new economy, spreading their tentacles in their insatiable drive to dominate, monopolize and exploit.

Now I know that neither are, but that each still play a crucial role in reversing the alarming trend of abuse, exploitation, pollution and manipulation that is currently ravishing this planet. With my passion, energy, insight and experience I am doing my best to assist my clients while staying true to myself and those around me.

Hobbies & other interests

Languages : Fluent in English and German; French is good but a bit dusty; Spanish I can understand very well and speak ok – practice is lacking. Portuguese I understand well, but am beginning to speak more. Russian and Italian are ready to be revived; Afrikaans has a special status. 😉

Computers: Since 1988 – need I say more? GEOS, BeOS and Windows. dBASE, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, MySQL – some Perl. Tons of other applications. Provided feedback to Opera, Sonork, Gobe Productive, Total Commander, IrfanView, and other developers of first-class software. Wrote my own relational Customer Information Management System (in dBASE) to prove that I can code what I preach. Must have been the first software application ever to include customer management, sales/order processing, campaign management and lifestyle analysis in one package. Never marketed it – was only for my own “delight”.

Master Key System: Since 2007 I have been more than occupied with Charles Haanel’s Master Key System.  I created the first German translation, and turned that into a resounding success. This has become, or rather is, my calling.  I have also translated three other books of his, and created a number of additional products and services. I’ve written a children’s book on the 7 hermetic principles, created a meditative summary of the MKS, placed over 2oo keywords on a 360 degree panorama and added an audio explanation for each with the Visual Master Key. I have written a 24-hour success book, published way over 500 videos (and counting), created online courses, and also translated books by Eugene Fersen, PG Bowen, William Walker Atkinson, Dr. Albert Churchward and Manly P. Hall. I’ve given hundreds of presentations, talks and seminars. Added to that way over 200 consultations, plus several months-long coachings with super satisfied clients.

Sacred Symbols: In 2013 I was made aware  of Robert Lee Camp’s work with the “52 playing cards”, the little book of the 7 thunders. In 2018 I started creating my own web app using this system, which was first publicised in 1896 in Olney Richmond’s “Mystic Test Book”. This app is helping people understand themselves better, and the individual rhythm they are following, often without even knowing. It beautifully complements the Master Key System

as it provides the individual aspect that the abstract and generally applicable MKS is lacking. There are currently 5 digital editions from 17 to 700 Euro. In 2023 the development of a mobile app commenced.

MindCafé: In 2023 I launched the podcast platform “MindCafé – your podcast with heart and mind for a new consciousness”. Still in its infancy at the time of writing, it aims at becoming the most useful and popular podcast platform in the German language.

Hobbies: Sports, astronomy, good company, Maserati cars, alternative health, music, walks along Noordhoek Beach, playing beach volleyball in Camps Bay, gardening, cooking, wine and good food, travel, reading, making digital music, playing my Hand pan (Space drum), as well as testing and improving software applications.

I dabble with lots of things, from H2O2 to Colloidal Silver; from cannabis infused gin to chocolate pralines, and then some.

How may I help you? Extremely quick in grasping, analyzing and assessing situations, plus providing practical and affordable solutions, I can assist you or your company in becoming more successful yet less stressed, while doing good to society at the same time.

If you’d like to find out more, feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

About Canopus & Argo Navis: According to Greek mythology, it was after the battle of Troy that one brave Captain managed to sail his fleet back to safe Egyptian waters. There, he died on the shore. In his honor, King Menelaos named the bright shining star just above the horizon after him: Canopus.

Today, at a distance of about 300-odd light years and far away from the Ecliptic, Canopus serves as a navigational aid to inter- stellar probes and is the second brightest star in the sky.

Canopus Marketing is the name of the company I founded in 1993. When I created my first website in 1995, canopus.com had already been taken, so I chose argo-navis.com – Argo Navis being the large constellation that the giant star Canopus is part of.

Argo Navis in Greek mythology is the “great ship”, with which Jason and the Argonauts sailed through stormy seas in their quest to retrieve the “golden fleece”. I guess this pretty much sums up my life and career, too. 🙂

About this website

Why all this on helmar.org rather than argo-navis.com? Well, the site is essentially about me, while Canopus and Argo Navis are some abstract constructs around me. The former is my registered company, the latter the handle I use for my CRM consultancy. But at the end of the day it’s “the brand called Helmar”, hence the domain.

Its first incarnation went online in June 1995. Since then all the sites that you now see combined into one had their own domain and existence. Different layout, different backend, different everything. Eventually I sat down and wrote the code for this site on my own – every single line hand-coded, except for the XML Writer Class that is courtesy of and copyright © Manuel Lemos 2002.

The site obviously uses PHP and a MySQL database on the backend side. Although it hasn’t been written for use by 3rd parties, I am quite open to sharing the code with others, but first I need to ensure that it’s all clean and to my liking (update: – which I have now done). I don’t claim it’s been done in the most advanced fashion, but on the other hand it combines elements of a number of different site structures, which should make it quite appealing to those who want a powerful and flexible, yet easy to read and administer website.

The 2nd incarnation went online in January 2011, this time using a WordPress CMS and the Dandelion Theme. The old links no longer work; the website structure is completely different, but I hope you still find what you are looking for and enjoy your time here.

In 2024 this site will see a complete overhaul and revamp, bringing all my activities together under one roof – the culmination of almost 30 years of effort and dedication.

Disclaimer: There are a lot of links to other sites and pages on this website. A link is simply a way of saying “Look, there is something you may be interested in – here’s an easy way to get there”. Now some moronic judges in Germany have ruled that you can be made responsible for linking to other content on the Internet, if you don’t explicitly distance yourself from it. This is a blatant violation of free speech, but that’s another story. However, it’s also obvious that a link doesn’t approve or endorse or support anyone or anything. So for anyone (or rather “anything”) who thinks I support or approve of or endorse the sites/pages I link to… I don’t.

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